The perception on the part of many Mom’s is that frozen, dried, and canned forms of fruit are less healthy than fresh counterparts. This perception has increased over time – and it’s become harder and harder for the busy consumer to discern what foods are healthy. 

Freeze dried fruit has been found to be nutritionally on par with fresh fruit. In fact, the American Institute for Cancer Research suggests that while water and oxygen are removed, the nutritional value doesn’t change. The American Dietetic Association reports that freeze dried fruits contain the same amounts of antioxidants as fresh fruit. Research performed at Oklahoma State University and Queen’s University of Belfast shows that there is virtually no reduction in Vitamin C or total phenolic content in freeze-dried strawberries when compared to fresh1. Add the convenience of grab-and-go versatility and long shelf life, and freeze dried fruit might just be the next best thing in healthy snacking.

Several studies have illustrated that freeze dried fruit may drive improvements in fasting blood glucose levels, cardiovascular health markers, and a reduction in blood pressure in at-risk individuals 2,3,4,5

What makes freeze dried fruit special?


Freeze drying leaves all the natural flavors, aromas, sugars, colors and keeps the fruit intact – leaving a healthy, crunchy snack you can take anywhere


Baking the fruit pulls out flavor and nutrients


Frying the fruit adds unhealthy fat and calories.


Dehydrating the fruit adds preservatives.


Sweeten Drying the fruit adds refined sugars.

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